Telecommunications Case Studies

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through long-term partnerships.

IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect

Client: 3fs

GrabIT, in collaboration with our partner 3FS, played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of the IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect project. This groundbreaking solution simplifies secure connections between low-power cellular devices and popular public cloud IoT endpoints, such as AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, and Azure IoT Central. By leveraging advanced technologies and expertise in Go, Angular, MySQL, PostgreSQL, GitLab CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible, AWS, Prometheus, and Grafana, our team delivered exceptional results that revolutionized the IoT landscape. 

Aviat QA Framework - Simplifying Test Automation with QA Framework

Client: Aviat

Aviat, one of our long-term clients, faced challenges in efficiently developing and executing tests across their diverse product portfolio. Traditional test automation methods require extensive programming knowledge, limiting the involvement of non-technical people. To address this, the company embarked on creating a QA Framework for their internal use - a comprehensive solution that simplified test case automation and empowered testers without deep programming expertise. The primary goal of the framework was to streamline the process of test case development and execution across multiple products while minimizing the need for programming skills. The framework aimed to provide a user-friendly environment where testers could efficiently create, manage, preview, and execute preconfigured tests, with the use of an intuitive user interface.

Mobile Digital Identity (MDI)

Client: 3fs

Working with our awesome friends at 3fs, our full-stack engineers developed MDI - a cutting-edge platform addressing the need for robust multi-level authentication and authorization. Utilizing SIM cards as secure digital identities, MDI ensures heightened security for accessing applications. The PHP-based API orchestrates authentication, while a Go-based API manages database interactions with Cassandra. The User Management Portal and Admin Application enhance user control, customization, and administrative functions. MDI offers a simple yet secure solution, allowing users to choose authentication methods like SMS codes or mobile applications. The platform pioneers innovative cybersecurity, leveraging SIM card identities for enhanced digital security.

Identifying optimal price rise in telecommunications services

Client: Telenet Belgium

For Telenet Belgium, we tackled the challenge of determining the optimal price increase for telecommunications services. Faced with the delicate balance between maximizing revenue and minimizing customer churn, we employed a comprehensive approach. By modeling the impact on various factors, including ARPU, churn, and gross adds, we identified a bell-shaped revenue curve. This curve pinpointed the optimal price increase, providing valuable insights for the client on high-risk groups and more.